Spring Thaw, Spring Rain, and Wet Basements!

With warmer weather in the forecast and spring on its way it will be that time of year again when there is an abundance of water in the ground from melting snow and spring rain.

Having a wet leaky basement is a very unpleasant surprise, especially when you have a finished basement and it looks like you have a lake in your home and the water won’t stop coming in.

You may be frustrated and saying “The basement never leaked before!” and “What’s going on?”.

In the spring, ground water tables are a lot higher than normal and water can enter your basement through the smallest crack in a foundation wall.  You are also at risk if you have an older home and the foundation has not been waterproofed.

At Demers Masonry, we can help you protect your home and your family from water in your basement.  We can diagnose the source of your leaking foundation and provide a free estimate to waterproof your foundation.  We use the most up to date waterproofing products.  Call us today at 613-735-8266 or contact us through our website at demersmasonry.ca


Image of Properly Waterproofed Foundation